I love Emily.

 Wherein other people list why I am awesome…

Look at those eyes. They aren’t fucking around.

Look at those eyes. They aren’t fucking around.

  • I will out baseball you

  • Excellent at selecting and then buying shiny stones

  • Will valiantly ignore the pile of clothes in the corner for as long as it takes

  • I will call you on your shit without fail

  • Disgustingly good friend

  • Superior Alto cat herding skillz

  • Eye rolling is an Olympic sport for me and I will crush you

  • Can Lawyer, will Lawyer

  • My inky black curls will hypnotize you

  • Obsessed with Cats (the musical)

  • Lin Manuel and I are tight so back off

  • Embarrassingly knowledgeable about a lot of things and willing to help

  • Will cook up a yummy, yummy storm

  • Have you ever been snarked to death? Would you like to be?

  • Amazingly good taste in friends as evidenced below